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Don’t mistake Google for these 3 things, you may end up in jail

In the age of the Internet, Google comes to mind first to search for something. You can easily get your information by searching here. However, many people search for a lot of wrong information. And that is what happened. There are some restrictions on searching Google for certain things. Searching for these things can cost you a lot of money. Today I will tell you about some of these things that you will not do a Google search by mistake.

1. Child Pornography Search:

The term means search for child pornography. If you search for pornography on Google, it is going to be risky for you. Let me tell you, the Indian government has taken strong legal action against child pornography. Where you may be jailed by POSCO law. Let me also inform you, if you are caught doing such a search on Google, you can be jailed for 5 to 6 years.

2. How to make a bomb Search:

If you search Google for any of this information, you may be at risk. Searching for any such information will put you under the surveillance of a security agency. Then legal action may be taken against you.

3. Search for abortion:

If you search on Google how to do abortion or any other illegal information related to this. But know that it will be risky for you. By the way, the Indian government has made very strict laws in this regard. So think about searching for information related to this, or it could be dangerous for you.

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