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Do not forget to plant these trees inside the house, otherwise the amount of debt will continue to increase day by day

According to science, we know “a tree has many lives” because the oxygen produced from the tree helps people survive. But ecology emphasizes the importance of plants. Where there are so many trees that eliminate the environment. That is why basil, bell and various flowering plants are planted in front of the house. According to ecology, there are some trees that should not be planted in front of the house at all. This type of tree can bring bad luck to the house. Let us know today, which trees should not be planted in the house or around the house!
1. Cotton tree: –

Cotton produced from cotton plant i.e. silky cotton is a practical product of man. Cotton is used more or less in all our homes. Although I use cotton in my daily life, cotton plants should not be planted at home at all. This is because the tree accumulates a lot of dust, sand and dirt in the house which can have a negative effect. This negative effect can be a source of distress for the family member. Although the cotton tree is an ornamental it looks very beautiful. Nevertheless it should not be planted in or around the house.

2. Acacia tree: –

According to ecology, acacia trees should not be planted in or around the house. This tree is bad for the family. Moreover, another big thing is that this tree is created by innumerable thorns. The lower part of the place where this tree is planted is cut and spread. In that case, walking around the tree is very dangerous for humans. Because, this cut can cause great damage to the human foot once it is broken. As a result these trees should not be planted around the house.

3. Tamarind tree: –

Tamarind is used as our food. According to ecology, tamarind trees should not be planted at home. Because, tamarind tree has a negative energy. Which may indirectly have a negative effect on the family member. If a tamarind tree is planted in a place, it should not be built in that place, and even if it is built, it is better to cut down that tree and build a house.

4. Mehndi

According to ecology, mehndi should not be used at home. There is a negative energy inside the mehndi tree. According to belief, this negative energy circulates around the tree. So usually, the mehndi tree is cultivated in a specific garden without being planted in any house.

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