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Dialogues like KGF-2 written on wedding card, netizens surprised to see Rocky Brother’s fan shoot

KGF Chapter 2 starring superstar Yash is facing great success at the box office every day. Apart from Yash, the role of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is also undeniable. The film’s acting, cinematography, songs and dialogues have all been well received by the audience.

But recently a wedding card has gone viral on social media. Where KGF 2 photo dialogue is also seen. But the dialogue looks a little different. Netizens think this dialogue is taken from the photo dialogue. There is a small twist in the dialogue written on the viral card wedding card.

In the movie ‘KGF 2’, actor Yash is heard saying a dialogue. That is the dialogue – “Violence, violence, violence. I do not like I try to stay away from it. But I like violence, violence. So I can’t avoid it. ” This powerful dialogue spoken by Yash has become very popular among his fans.

Find out the dialogue on the theme of the wedding card. But let me inform you before him. The wedding card belongs to Chandra Shekhar, a resident of Karnataka. The dialogue he wrote on the wedding card was – “Marriage, marriage, marriage. I do not like I try to stay away from it. But my relatives like marriage. So I can’t avoid it. ” The picture of the wedding card went viral on social media. At the same time, many people are praising Chandrasekhar for this funny quote.

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