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Dad used to sell Singara outside the school, today he owns a girl worth crores of rupees

Everyone knows how successful Indian singer Neha Kakkar is today. He has achieved so much after working hard. Neha Kakkar started singing from Mata Ki Chowki and is currently one of the Bollywood superstar singers. At present, Neha has fans in India as well as abroad.

Neha Kakkar’s fan following is so high that her songs become instantly heated. She had to face many obstacles to get to where Neha is today. He has achieved this position after many struggles. Despite the poor condition of the family, Neha has worked hard to fulfill her dream. Let’s take a look at what situations Neha Kakkar had to face to come to success.

Famous singer Neha Kakkar was born on June 8, 1986 in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Neha spent her childhood in extreme poverty. Neha started singing when she was only 4 years old. He used to sing bhajan at Devi Ki Jagaran and Mata Ki Chowki with his elder sister Sonu Kakkar. Neha’s family members had to work hard to make ends meet.

Neha and her older sister used to spend all their money on music. As a child, Neha and her family struggled a lot. Neharbaba used to sell Singara outside the school to support his family. So that he can get double food for his family. Neha Kakkar played the role of judge in the popular reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 6’.

At the time, he said, his father, his sister, Sonu, used to sell Singara outside the school. So everyone used to make fun of Neha and her sister. In the midst of all this, Neha continued her studies and singing. Neha’s father himself gave a good education to Neha and her sister by enduring hardships.

Some time later, Neha moved to Delhi with her sister and family. And here he finished his primary education from New Holy Public School. While in school, Neha got the opportunity to participate in ‘Indian Idol-2’. Neha was part of the show as a contestant when she was in class XI. But Neha could not make much progress in Indian Idol 2 then. But he was not at all confused by this reason. He was determined that no matter how many failures came in his life, he would not be afraid and move towards his goal.

For some money, Neha and her siblings sang together for hours. Neha launched her own album ‘Neha Tha Rock Star’ in 2006. Neha’s first hit song was Second Hand Jawani (Cocktail). But he gained fame through the song ‘Sunny-Sunny’ from the Yarian movie. Today almost all of Neha’s songs are superhits. Today he has millions of fans who love him very much. Speaking of Neha’s personal life, Neha Kakkar is married today. She married Rohanpreet Singh in 2020. Today she is living her married life very well. Neha Kakkar has explained that the only way to get something is to have it.

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