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Cultivate fruits without soil on the roof of the house, keep in mind these 3 things

According to agricultural experts, crops produced by chemical fertilizers are very harmful to human body. Due to which the present generation is showing interest in organic farming. Since, fruits or vegetables produced by organic fertilizers are very sweet for human body. Therefore, nowadays it is seen that almost all the people are producing their essential vegetable items on the roof of the house or in a small space. However, at present the demand for crops produced by organic fertilizers is increasing in the market for which many are focusing on organic farming. And slowly turning their arable land into organic farming. Let us tell you in detail about this organic farming.

Low cost and profit loss: –
On the one hand, crops produced by such chemical fertilizers are harmful to human body, on the other hand, the market value of these fertilizers is much higher. In comparison, crops produced by organic fertilizers have a detrimental effect on the human body. But the price of this fertilizer is many times less than that of chemical fertilizer. The amount of money spent by today’s farmers on chemical fertilizers and other expenses is less because they do not get a fair price for the crop. It is calculated that the cost of crops produced by organic fertilizer is much less and therefore the dividend is much higher than the cost.

Cultivation in a small area and minimum soil: –
Nowadays, cooking lovers are producing their essential vegetables on the roof of the house or in a small space. For those who do not have a roof over their head, get up or cultivate a variety of vegetables in a small space. A special feature of organic farming is that it takes very little soil to make a tree for this technology. Especially in urban areas, due to the soil crisis, cooking lovers are seen growing most of the vegetables they need. Where they are planting vegetables in sacks, tubs, plastic buckets, pots and more.

Specialties: –
If we go back a few decades, many of you will know that at that time people used to produce crops in the mythical way. Where a land was divided into two parts, one site would produce crops and the other site would dispose of household organic matter, cow dung and other waste. He would pick up the crop and plant another part of the land. In this way, in the mythological way, people used to produce crops in cycles. As a result, the life span of the people at that time was long. At present, people over the age of 100 are not seen and the life expectancy of the younger generation is around 50-60. Because people of that time used to eat pure crops but the present generation is eating all the crops produced by chemical fertilizers. Which is harming the human body little by little. However, today’s people have become very aware. They understand the importance of crops grown by organic fertilizers and many are growing organic crops at home. Again, with the advent of this technology, many have become very focused on organic farming.

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