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Coming to Mumbai with a 4 minute reel and trying to be successful, for two reasons today is the hero of Global Star KGF

A short story written in Kannada language. Based on this, a picture was to be made in Kannada language. But, the protagonist of the film has shown something in this story which has made this story the most talked about story in the world. The second weekend of KGF Chapter 2, the second part of the story, has left the big stars of Hindi cinema behind in terms of earnings (business).

The story of ‘Kolar Gold Fields’ i.e. ‘KGF’, its director ‘Prashant Neel’ previously wanted to make only a small Kannada film. The name ‘Yash’ was very popular in Kannada cinema but very few people knew him outside Karnataka. At first Yash came to Mumbai with only four minutes show reel (KGF). The actor in his efforts created this first bridge between Kannada cinema and Hindi cinema, the results of which are now in front of everyone.

The success of ‘KGF Chapter 1’ has made the sequel ‘KGF Chapter 2’ one of the most successful films released in Hindi. In the first four days of its release, the Hindi version alone has created a panic among the Hindi audience by earning around Rs 190 crore. An artist from Kannada cinema who became a Pan-India star in ‘KGF Chapter 1’ has now become a world star.

According to reports, Yash himself has cast himself in the story of ‘KGF’. Very few people know that the only credit went to the film’s director Prashant Neel for making a big budget film. When the first film ran for more than four hours, it was made to be released in two parts. It is learned that the third chapter of the film (KGF 3) is also going to be released in the future.

Prashant Neel says, “The credit for such a great success in this story goes to one and only Yash.” The dialogues of both editions of the film are also written by Yash himself. “I still remember the day Anil Thadani came to my office,” said Vishal Ramchandani, head of business at Excel Entertainment.

The film’s producer and Yash were with the stars and Yash’s style of speaking inspired us to release this film in Hindi, without understanding a word of the show reel. And not just the show reel, even when the first four hours version of the film was ready, Yash played the Kannada film to us in Hindi for the whole four hours and described it through scenes. Only enthusiastic filmmakers can do this.

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