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Cloudy leopard first seen in the mountains of Nagaland, this rare tiger can hang upside down on a tree branch

Leopards are often seen in different parts of the country or in residential areas nowadays. But when a leopard enters a residential area. Then he can bring death to someone. This time the leopard was seen in the plains of northern India. This is the first time a strange creature has been spotted on a hill in the northeastern state of Nagaland.

This creature looks exactly like a leopard. However, there are many differences between the skin of this animal and the skin of the common cheetah tiger. A rare species of leopard has recently been spotted at an altitude of about 3600 meters on the Indo-Myanmar border. These cheetahs, which look like large forest cats, are called ‘clouded leopards’ or ‘cloudy leopards’. This particular species of leopard has been named ‘Clouded Leopard’ because of its skin-like markings.

This leopard is good at climbing trees

This is the first time the animal has been seen in the mountains of Nagaland. Researchers there have captured pictures of the trap camera. Staff from the local forest department in Nagaland observe specific management in these rainforests. Researchers also say that leopards are good at climbing trees. Due to the strong strength of their legs, they can not only run fast, but also climb trees in a blink of an eye.

Also the nails of leopards are very big. They can be used to grow trees. Can hang upside down from the tree again. According to National Geographic, scientists say that this is how cloudy leopards find their prey on the ground. They mainly hunt monkeys, deer and pigs. It also eats squirrels, small insects and birds.

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