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Check out these 5 ghost movies from the South that will captivate Hollywood for free on the OTT platform

Sitting in a dark room in the stillness of the night and watching ghost movies is different. The more music there is, the more the heart beats. After each twist the heart begins to panic, wondering what will happen next. Today I will talk about some such frozen ghost pictures. These movies have surpassed Hollywood as well. All these South Indian films have also been dubbed in Hindi.

1. Arundhati –

This story is full of mystery. Evil energy trapped in the box is exposed in any way. Then he is defeated by the good power. The performance of southern actor Anushka Shethi in this film is really commendable.

2. Moonlight –

This horror film is based on reincarnation. Rajinikanth has played an important role in this film. The Hindi remake of this film is a mistake. The Hindi version of the film is starring Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan.

3. Game Over –

In addition to the psychological thriller in the film starring Tapasi Pannu, the film is made with paranormal and horror activities. You can watch the Hindi version on Netflix on the OTT platform.

4. Cashmora –

According to the story of the film, one person collects money from everyone. But later he found himself trapped in a haunted palace. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The Hindi version of the film can be seen on the OTT platform Hotstar.

5. Bhagamathi –

Viewers have seen the extraordinary acting skills of South Indian actress Anushka Sethi. According to the story in the film, the mask of a corrupt minister has been unveiled, showing fear of ghosts.

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