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By cultivating this flower you can earn lakhs of rupees in a few months, there is a lot of demand in the market due to its medicinal properties

Agriculture is the main livelihood of the farmers. Agricultural methods have improved a lot. At present people are cultivating in various ways to earn money. The foodstuffs of our daily life come mainly from the crops produced by the farmers. However, according to agriculturists, they do not get a fair price for their labor. Due to which the farmers are looking for new ways of farming. Farmers are now focusing more on low cost crops. In today’s special post I am going to talk about a crop which is very profitable for the farmer brothers.

It is said that our country is an agricultural country. Where all kinds of crops and various kinds of beneficial plants are cultivated. But today I will tell you about a tree that can be easily cultivated and will earn more money at a very low cost. Yes, this tree is ‘Gulkhaira’. The plant has many qualities, it is basically called medicinal plant. Let’s know the details about the tree!

1. Benefits of the tree: –
According to experts, the Gulkhaira tree is called a medicinal plant. The plant is mainly used in making Unani medicine. The flowers, fruits, leaves and stems of this tree are all beneficial. The medicines produced from this plant are mainly used in the treatment of fever, runny nose, cough and many other ailments. According to physicians, medicines made from this plant work well in the human body and do not cause any side effects among other English medicines.

2. Method of planting Gulkhaira trees: –
Please note that this tree is not very large in size and does not require much space for planting. However, November is the best time to plant trees. The crop is produced 5 to 6 months after planting. The flowers, fruits, stems and leaves of the tree are all used. However, the flowers of the tree have special benefits. The price of a quintal of flowers of this tree is about 10,000 rupees.

3. Farmers benefit from the crop: –
Today, farmers do not get the right price for the crop. Moreover, the cost of producing other crops is much higher. But by cultivating these gulkharais 5-6 quintals can be produced from 1 bigha of land. Where the cost is much lower than other crops. And the crops produced are sold at exorbitant prices. By cultivating these gulkharais you can earn at least 50 to 60 thousand rupees per bigha of land.

At present there is a tendency of this plant for making medicine. This is because the medicine produced from the Gulkharai tree works wonderfully in the human body and has no side effects. Please be informed that this medicinal plant is widely cultivated in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But considering the importance of the tree, it is being cultivated extensively in India at present. By cultivating this tree people are earning a lot of money besides benefits. Given the importance of trees, if you like this information then share this information with others.

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