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By cultivating red gold “saffron” of the crop, now you too can earn crores of rupees, know the details

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness among Indian farmers about the cultivation of new and profitable crops. That is why the farmers of the country are now focusing their full attention on the crops which can be cultivated well and in good quantity according to their land and soil. Now you are encouraged to produce profitable crops. One of the profitable crops is saffron.

Most saffron is cultivated in Iran. Kashmir is mainly a region of India where saffron is cultivated. However, its cultivation is now being promoted in other states of India as well. There is a demand for saffron cultivation in India and other places as well. This is why its price skyrockets. It is called red gold because of its price and demand in the market. At present, saffron is being sold at around one to one and a half lakh rupees per kg.

Let me tell you, a fact related to saffron crop is that saffron crop needs a lot of care. The seeds of this crop are sown once in 15 years. Then flowers come every year and saffron is collected from these flowers. Trees do not grow from saffron seeds. From its seeds are flowers. Inside a flower are six more leaves in the middle of the leaf.

It has two or three leaves of saffron which are red in appearance. Apart from that red leaf, the other three leaves are yellow. Which does not work. Cultivation of this crop requires a lot of sunlight. In cold and humid climates its crop is damaged and growth slows down. This is why these crops are grown in warm and sunny climates.

Used for cultivation of acidic to neutral, gravel, loam and sandy soils. Soil pH should be 6 to 8 for cultivation of this crop. If saffron crop is planted in July-August, it ripens in about 3 months. The farmer can then extract the saffron from the flower and sell it in the market.

Until a few years ago, farmers had difficulty finding markets for saffron. But at present the government has improved the market system of saffron. The government has made arrangements for the farmers’ market at its level. In addition to this, in view of the hard work of farmers in saffron cultivation, the Central and State Governments also provide subsidy for their cultivation.

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