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Business will run in all seasons, earning up to lakhs of rupees per month by doing this

Many people do not like to work. Because you can earn a limited amount of money even after working 8 to 10 hours in the job. But the income side of the business is open and independent. If you want to do business but are lagging behind because of money, let me tell you that you can earn double to triple by investing only 5000 rupees. But what do you think that business? Let’s find out now.

You can trade mobile accessories with less capital. However, even if you need less capital, you have to work hard here. Gaffar Market in Delhi is the wholesale market for mobile accessories. Here you will find low cost products. You can easily earn double to triple money by opening a store by buying that product.

In the present era, mobile has become an essential product. If you are thinking of running a small business for a long time then this is the right decision for you, which you can start with just 5000 rupees. If you have a job, you can start it as a part time job. Which you can later change to full time. This business will continue in any season.

There are many companies who only give chargers when buying mobiles. So you can buy other mobile items like Bluetooth, headphones, cover, screen guard glass etc. at wholesale prices and sell them in the store. There is a possibility of gaining a large amount. Not just if you can start a business with a small space or a mall. Then you can benefit in a few days. Those who live in West Bengal also have no reason to worry. You can buy things from Chandni Market in Kolkata at wholesale rates

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