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Bollywood stars pay bribes to sing their own songs, again actor Nawazuddin is an explosive victim

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiki has worked hard to secure his place. He had to struggle a lot to get to this place. Every moment was his obstacle, but he overcame that obstacle and today he is successful in the world of cinema. He himself spoke very clearly.

This time he talked about the OTT platform. He says, ‘This platform is full of hoaxes. I left out the content, they can no longer be taken. ‘Nowadays where people are becoming dependent on all these platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. It is as if such explosive information of Nawaz Uddin is really thought provoking.

The actor further said, ‘Bollywood stars are bribing their friends to promote their pictures. Nowadays, it can be seen that any picture can be easily run as a hit on social media. Steaming platforms know very well how many viewers a movie has. Like you don’t know, I don’t know how many viewers like the movie. ‘

Then Nawazuddin said about the language, nowadays Bollywood stars speak almost English, so how can they make pictures in pure Hindi. However, the viewers of the southern industry are so fond of the pictures that the southern stars always feel comfortable speaking in Tamil or Kannada.

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