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Bollywood lovers will enjoy action movies of southern cinema this time, Sanjay Dutt’s new movie is coming

Some South Indian films have been released one after another over the months. This film has gained a lot of popularity. These films have surpassed many good Bollywood films. And that is why southern film has become a cause of concern for Bollywood. The box office collection of Pushpa, RRR, KGF cannot be finished.

On the other hand, the films of great actors like Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Singh, Akshay Kumar are not getting ahead of the southern films. In this situation, Sanjay Dutt came forward to take the helm of Bollywood. His latest southern film KGF-2 has grossed over Rs 650 crore in 4 days at the box office. In the film, Sanjay Dutt plays the role of villain Adhira.

This character of his has been highly liked by the audience and he has also received a lot of praise. Praising southern film in the interview, he said that how to make a film a hit should be learned from the southern film industry. Even comparing Bollywood with southern film industry, Sanjay said that the Hindi film industry has forgotten heroism.

But the southern industry has not forgotten that yet. Then Sanjay Dutt further said that he has decided to bring the taste of South Indian film to Bollywood. Yes, the film directed by Sanjay Dutt is coming very soon. When Sanjay Dutt wanted to know the subject of the film, he said that the secret of the success of the southern film is in Sanjay Dutt’s fingertips.

In the days to come, he will bring the same kind of southern film through his directed film. However, he said that he would not make the film in a hurry. Just like the southern film, it will take time to make a perfect film. But Sanjay has said that he will start directing the film after finishing the ongoing projects.

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