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“Bollywood is busy copying others” – Rabina Tandon speaks about the success of South cinema

South Indian cinemaOf Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. In Hindi Beld, the craze for South Indian films is on the rise and with it the revenue of Southern films is on the rise in Bollywood. After Bollywood’s Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, now Ravina Tandon has raised questions about the script written by Bollywood.

It is noteworthy that Ravina, Yash’s film is in KGF Chapter 2. In an interview to discuss the differences between the southern and Hindi film industry, Ravina Tandon said that Bollywood is gradually losing touch with the audience. Ravina believes that South Indian fees are rooted in Indian culture.

But Hindi films are busy trying to imitate Westerners. Citing the example of KGF film, Ravina further said that no film will work if it does not have the root of emotion. Besides 90
Referring to the decade, he said, “Until the advent of melodic music and storytelling in the 90’s, most Western imitations were.

Everyone wanted to be Hollywood with helicopters and westernization. As a result, Indian culture has suffered a lot in our film. Ravina Tandon says that Indian culture is disappearing from Bollywood films. On the other hand, Southern films have retained their culture and customs in a good way. Ravina added, “There is a lack of script that we are creating in Mumbai.

I thought we were moving away from universal recognition. KGF1 and 2 can be portrayed as an action film, but I don’t think any film can be successful unless you all have the emotion to touch it. When your emotions are in excess, it doesn’t work.

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