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Bollywood actress Pran’s daughter has left Aishwarya behind in terms of beauty, see the picture

The villains had a distinct identity in Hindi cinema of the nineties. At that time, parents used to show fear by showing the villains to small children. In most of the films made in the nineties, the strong characters of the villains were portrayed quite well. At that time, people used to see Bollywood villains as their villains in real life.

Serum is a villain. The children were very scared to see him. His name will definitely appear in the list of the best villains of 90s Bollywood. His full name was Pran Krishan Sikand. He made a name for himself in Bollywood as a villain. Pran started his film career in 1940. He has played the role of a villain very skillfully. Some of his super hit films are Amar-Akbar-Anthony, Johnny Mera Naam, Pipli Sahab, Halaku, Ram Or Shyam, Duniya etc.

He has acted in more than 350 Hindi films. Many times he received many achievements and awards as an actor. Pran made a name for himself in Bollywood with his acting skills, which are still intact today. The actor won the hearts of the audience through his acting. People still watch his villain roles with equal enthusiasm.

But Pran has an only daughter. Her name is Pinky Sikanda. She is very beautiful to look at, one can guess from her beauty that she was well regarded as a heroine in Bollywood. But Pinky is now married. Her husband is an industrialist. Pinky is so busy with her married life that she has not had time to enter Bollywood or she has not expressed any desire to set foot in Bollywood. Many of his pictures went viral on social media. However, he rarely came into the limelight of the camera. Note that life is no more in this world. But he is still alive through his films.

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