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Black watermelons are sold at exorbitant prices

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. One of these juicy fruits is “Watermelon”, which is in high demand. Watermelon contains a lot of water, which is why it works to keep our body hydrated by eliminating dehydration. Besides, the sweet taste of watermelon attracts people of all ages in extreme heat and sun.

In this report we are going to give information about a different variety of watermelon which is not possible for everyone to buy and eat. In fact, we are talking about ‘Densuk’ species of watermelon, which is known as “black watermelon”. It is considered as the most expensive watermelon in the world. Although its yield is very low. This watermelon is found only in the northern part of Hokkaido Iceland in Japan.

The largest watermelon in the world, only 100 watermelons are produced throughout the year. That is why it is very difficult to get in the market. Black watermelon is known to be the most expensive watermelon in the world. This watermelon is so special that it is not sold in any store in the market like ordinary watermelon. Watermelons of this species are auctioned off in small quantities.

To buy this watermelon, big traders from home and abroad bargain and its price ranges from thousands to lakhs of rupees. The most expensive watermelon of this variety was sold in 2019. At that time it cost about four and a half lakh rupees. This watermelon has also had a rare effect in the Corona epidemic. Due to which its price has come down drastically in the last two years. But despite this, black watermelon is still the most expensive watermelon in the world.

One of the characteristics of this watermelon is that its outer appearance is bright and very black and its inner part is crisp. Usually local watermelon has more seeds but this rare watermelon has very low seed content. It is also much sweeter than ordinary watermelon. According to some people who have tasted this watermelon, it tastes a bit like mango. But it is more delicious and sweet than mango.

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