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Back in the village from London came up with a great idea, today he built an empire worth 200 crores

If you have the talent not to give up even in bad times, you can do a lot of business with garbage. Surprising to hear, but that’s right. This is what Sandeepbhai Patel, a resident of Gujarat, has done. He has created a business worth more than Rs 200 crore from waste. Thanks to Sandipbhai Patel’s efforts, the lives of many waste pickers are becoming much better. NEPRA Resources collects about 560 tons of dry waste every day.

Circuit Capital of Singapore has invested around Rs 135 crore in Sandeepbhai Patel’s company ‘Napra Resources’. His company has so far collected over Rs 235 crore from various investors.

Sandipbhai Patel

Started business after doing MBA from London
Sandipbhai Patel. He returned to India after completing his MBA from London. He says that when he was in college, he had a lot of interest in business. Many friends of Sandipbhai Patel are from business family. Seeing them, Sandipbhai Patel also thinks of doing business. Earlier, he started IT-BPO, Travel and Chemical Trading business. Then from here Sandeepbhai Patel got the idea of ​​dry waste management.

This is how the journey of success begins

In this way Sandeepbhai Patel also had to face many difficulties. At first, many joked about Sandeepbhai Patel saying that he was still picking up trash after doing his MBA from London. He started this business with 6 people and at first this business was running at a huge loss.

There are going to be many obstacles

Sandipbhai Patel then started looking for investors for his business. At that time there were about 90 venture capitalists in the country. About 60 of them contacted Sandipbhai Patel. About 7 investors have rejected this business idea of ​​Sandeepbhai. Then in 2013 Sandipbhai Patel got the first investment of Rs 3 crore for this business.

But the obstacles did not end there. There was a time when Sandipbhai Patel’s plant was completely destroyed by fire. However, he did not give up and today the turnover of Sandeepbhai Patel’s company ‘Napra Resources’ is more than 200 crores.

At present, more than 1,600 waste pickers in Ahmedabad are working with Sandeepbhai Patel’s company NEPRA Resources. Former waste pickers who used to earn only Rs 3,000 per month are now earning Rs 6,000 only because of Sandeepbhai Patel’s company ‘Napra Resources’.

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