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Baba Dharmendra became the villain in love with Bobby Deol, he had a date with the actress for 5 years.

Bobby Deol is a famous actor in Bollywood industry. In the 2000s, the actor presented many pictures to the audience. He started his career in the world of cinema with the 1995 film ‘Barsaat’. He won the Filmfare Best Newcomer Award for this film. Since then, the actor has been seen in multiple films and enhanced his identity. Bobby Deol’s father is Dharmendra Deol. Her father is also well known in the world of acting. Notably, Bobby Dewal liked one actress very much and formed a very good bond with her. It is learned that his father himself was standing as a thorn in the side of their bond. Let’s find out their love story?

In fact, Bobby Deol liked an actress very much but their love did not come true because of his father Dharmendra Deol. Bobby Deol fell in love with the famous actress Nilam Kathori at the beginning of his career. This actress also liked Bobby Deol very much. They had been dating for about five years. Not only that, they wanted to marry each other. But Bobby Dewal’s father did not agree with them. Dharmendra Deol did not want to marry his son Neelam.

Meanwhile, Bobby Dewal had a lot of respect for his father, which is why he couldn’t talk to his father. This creates a distance between Bobby and the auction. Later they became a complete breakup. Bobby Dewal married Tania Ahuja in 1996 at the behest of his father. Then the shadow of happiness descended on their house, in 2002 their first son was born. Whose name is Aryaman Dewal. However, their second child, Dharma, was born in 2004.

After breaking up with Bobby Deol, actress Neelam got involved with famous actor Govinda. The actress had dated Govinda for a long time. Meanwhile, Govinda’s mother was unhappy about the auction. They did not want this actress as their house wife. Since Govinda had great respect for her mother, there was a distance between them. Govinda finally married Sunita.

In a media interview, this famous actress ‘Neelam’ opened her mouth about her life relationship. Asked about the story of his relationship with Bobby Deol, he said that at one time they liked each other very much but they broke up on their own knowing that their relationship would not be complete. He did not want to blame a third party for this. However, many people have spread a lot of wrong news, I do not like these moto. It’s a matter of my entire personal life.

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