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At one time he gave hit movies like Ashiki but it is difficult to recognize the current form, see the picture

Popularity is something that people don’t always have. There were many actors and actresses in the Bollywood industry who were once at the top of popularity but today they are lost. Today we are going to talk about an actress who was once at the top of popularity but today people have forgotten her.

We are talking about Anu Aagarwal, the actress who starred in Aashiqui, the best movie of 90s. At one point, the actress became an overnight star in the hit movie Aashiqui. But where is he today? Does anyone remember this actress today? Let’s find out today about this actress.

Anu Agarwal made her Bollywood industry debut at the age of 21 with the movie Aashiqui. Anu Agarwal became popular overnight by acting in this very romantic movie and everyone called her Aashiqui Girl. At that time, there was a line outside the house to catch a glimpse of the actress and get her autograph.

Anu Aagarwal

Her fans and viewers thought that the future of this actress was going to be very bright. Because he has earned a special place in the hearts of the audience by acting in the movie Aashiqui. But in reality the opposite happens. In 1999, the actress had an accident.

Anu Agarwal

The accident was so horrific that the actress was seriously injured and went into a coma. Even survival becomes difficult. The actress was kept in ICU for 29 days after the accident. Then when he regains consciousness he is completely in another world. The actress lost her memory. Then came his long four-year treatment.

Anu Aagarwal

Although the situation has improved a bit, it has become impossible for him to return to the world of cinema. Also in this accident her beauty completely faded. If you see the actress today, you will not even recognize her.

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