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At one time he did not have 200 rupees to buy shoes for his wife’s feet, now he does business worth 16 crore rupees a year

Today we are going to talk about a person who is a successful food entrepreneur. And today he has set up a business worth more than 16 crore rupees. But there was a time when Debashis Majumdar did not have money for his mother’s operation. He could not even afford to buy his wife a pair of shoes for 200 rupees.

Debashis, 34, hails from the Howrah region of West Bengal and is the son of a middle-class family. From a young age in his family, he was pressured to become a banker, a doctor, an engineer. Debashis also started working in a bunker as per the family.

On November 26, 2005, he got his first job as an office assistant. His salary there was 1600 rupees. But on the first day after returning from work, he returned home and told his mother that he wanted to quit his job. He quit his job with the permission of his mother.

He moved towards fulfilling his dream

Then an office assistant. He started working as. He said that while working there, he spent a lot of time apart from his work. At that time he used to look at the AC rooms of different glass cabins and dream that one day he would also sit in such a cabin. He even told the general manager of that office about his dream. Then he started working on his dream.

In 2009, after four years in office, Debashish resigned from the company as chief accountant. In 4 years he went from an office assistant to a chief accountant. Debashis then worked as a banker and was well paid. But he did not want to do what he was doing. He wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Bangar resigned from his job after 6 months of marriage

Debashish said the decision to quit his job as a banker was the most difficult decision of his life. He then got newly married and at the end of 6 months of marriage he had a dream which is not sure if he will succeed, for such a dream he quit his big paid job. But the most amazing thing about Debashis’ life, he thinks, is that his mother and wife encouraged and supported him in this decision. They never raised any questions.

Debashis started a small type

Debashish started his first business in 2016. He opened an ice cream shop. But he did not succeed in this business. As a result, he lost 10 lakh rupees. But even then, he received full support from his mother and wife. Then, while visiting an outlet in Guwahati, he ate a momo and thought he could feed a better momo man, and then he started a momo business.

He launched Momomiya in 2016, a year after closing an ice cream shop with a loan of around Rs 3.5 lakh at 10 per cent interest. And today Momomiya Debashish has achieved so much success due to his hard work. There is a saying that those who try from the heart never fail. Debashis has proved today that if you try, you will succeed.

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