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Ashina is earning Rs 20 lakh per month by making bags from fruit and tree waste: Modern Myth

We live in a society where if a woman wants to reach the pinnacle of success, our society obstructs her. People in the society try to humiliate the woman by dragging her down. But history has shown that women have gone through thousands of adversities and achieved their goals.

Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about a woman who started a vegan bag business against her family. And today, her monthly income from this startup is around 20 lakh rupees. Let’s take a look at some special facts about this woman and her business.

Ashina Hans’s startup is called Modern Myth. Ashina studied from NIFT after completing her primary education. He then started working in a fashion export house. But his future plans were different. Ashina’s parents wanted her to work for the government. Because his parents worked in the government. When Ashina told her parents that she wanted to start a business, her parents expressed frustration.

Despite her parents’ disagreement, Ashina asked for a few days to prove herself through her work. He started his startup Modern Myth in 2019 and his friend Sourav Tokas helped him a lot to start this business. All the products produced here are made using vegan.

Cork, cotton canvas, pineapple waste and cactus fiber are also used. Today he sells his products through online platforms. If you want you can buy its products from e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon and Nika. Today he is earning millions of rupees from this business. He also gave 15 people a chance to make a living from his modern myth.

He did a lot of research and collected business information before starting his business. He got acquainted with many people while working in the export house. Then he realized that if he started a bag business he would be able to achieve a lot of success. Initially, he made only 100 bags and 33 producers were present. This bag made by him is only on the market 299-4000 Available to buy in money.

He paid special attention to the artisans, designs and materials for making his products. His startup has UP craftsmen. Because their generation has been doing technical work from the beginning. Due to which they have good knowledge about it. The bags are not machine made, the artisans make their own hands. The designs of the bags are also very interesting. There are 30 types of bags available. Such as- laptop bags, handbags, traveling bags, sling bags and makeup bags etc.

He took the help of only 4 people to start his startup. But today there are 15 craftsmen and 10 machines for design. He has saved the money that was invested in his business. With the money he and Sourav saved, they bought 500 square feet of space, the necessary materials, four sewing machines, and started working with the help of artisans. After that he gradually increased the business and today he has reached the peak of success.

This success was not easy for him. In the early stages he had to face difficult situations. When he went to Delhi to buy materials, no one cared about him. Everyone thought he had come to do window shopping. Today those people are asking him to come to their shop. You can also start this business if you want. For this, first we have to collect information by researching about industries and products.

If possible, go to someone and learn how to do business well with a job. Once you’ve got all the information, start a small business. Create products keeping in mind the market demand. To start a startup, you need to have a sewing and barcode machine. Must have a minimum house of 500 square feet. It is also important to have quality control tables and printers.

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