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Anushka dances inside the stadium, viral video

The Biruska pair (Virat-Anuska) is often discussed. There are many instances during the IPL when Anushka has been seen cheering for her husband Virat. One such high-profile moment was captured on camera during a recent match between Gujarat Titan (GT) and Bangalore (RCB). Virat Kohli made his half century when he played this great match.

The way Anushka celebrated on the field since she was a huge fifty, is now a topic of discussion everywhere. Fans are also enjoying this joyous celebration of Anushka and people are also giving their reaction. This is Kohli’s first half century in the 15th innings of IPL 2022. He completed his half century with just 45 balls.

After a long time, his wife Anushka Sharma, who was present in the stadium, jumped for joy after seeing Virat’s half century. This is Virat’s 43rd half century in IPL. There were many interesting moments in this match. On the one hand, Virat’s half-century, on the other hand, Rahul Teotia of Gujarat Titans won the hearts of everyone by surprise in the last over.

The scene of Anuskar cheering her husband with a cheeky smile and endless applause has created an atmosphere of discussion everywhere. However, this is not the first time that Anushka has expressed her happiness over Virat’s great performance. But this moment was very special. Because Virat was not getting a run in the match for a long time. His performance was going very badly.

The moment of Anushka’s happy celebration has received a good response on social media. Netizens are hearing a lot of reactions about his happiness. Virat has been facing bad performance for a long time. However, he is the highest run-getter in all IPL seasons. So far, Virat has scored 7469 runs in 209 innings of 216 matches.

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