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Another wonder of nature, the map of India is made at the confluence of two rivers in this place, you too will be surprised to see the pictures

India is known all over the world as a proud country whose history is centuries old and India was once called the Golden Bird. In India, temples, rivers, waterfalls and forests all offer amazing natural views. But did you know that there is a place in India where the shape of the map of the country rises from the confluence of two rivers. Hundreds of tourists flock to this place to see this amazing view.

Map of India on the soil of Assam

The map of India is very nice, the picture of which awakens the feeling of patriotism in the mind. In fact, the village of Bangai in Assam is the confluence of two rivers, which has shaped the shape of the map of India.
The two rivers that make up the map of India are the Brahmaputra and the Champabati, which meet at Bongaigaon. In this case, the confluence, which looks exactly like the map of the lower part of the country, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The place is becoming famous among tourists

Located about 160 km from Guwahati city in Assam, Bongai village is famous for its scenery and confluence of rivers. There is also Bageshwari temple and stone cut caves. Tourists visit Bangai village to see these amazing views of nature.

Where the map of India formed by the confluence of two rivers is also becoming a famous tourist destination. When you visit this place, you will feel that you are very close to the map of the country, surrounded by natural greenery. At some distance from this place there are high mountains which look exactly like the Himalayan mountain range.

The picture is going viral on social media

This beautiful picture of Assam has been going viral on the internet for quite some time now. Which Eric Solheim, president of the Greenbelt and Road Institute, shared on Twitter last year. While sharing this picture showing the map of India, he described it as an incredible India. Which was highly acclaimed by social media users.

In this case, if you also want to see the terrain with a map of India with your own eyes, then you have to go to the village of Bongai in Assam. This place is amazing, where you can see not only the map of India, but also the wonderful confluence of the two rivers.

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