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Andre Russell, the captain of the movie ‘Lagan’

You all must have seen Aamir Khan’s Lagaan at least once, but do you remember the British actor Paul Blackthorne who played the role of Captain Andrew Russell in Lagaan? Paul Blackthorne played a great role in this film. And through its performance, it became permanent in the hearts of the people.

Lagaan movie British captain

In this film, Paul Blackthorne was seen in the role of a villain, this was his first and most famous role. Actor Aamir Khan alias Bhuban has challenged that if he beats him in a cricket match, he will waive the tax.

Lagaan captain Russell

In addition to Bollywood, Paul Blackthorne has acted in many Hollywood web series. It took Paul Blackthorne 6 months to learn Hindi for this film as it was Paul Blackthorn’s first Hindi film.

Lagaan Russell

The film was also nominated for an Oscar, the most important feature of the film being the cricket team. The film was released on June 15, 2001, and became part of the Film Festival in Canada, Syria, USA, South Korea, Afghanistan, Switzerland, and Norway.

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