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Amazing discovery made by ninth grade student, smart shoes for the blind, will show the right way through sensors

People who do not see with their eyes face serious problems in their daily life. Due to not being able to see, a big accident happens if you move a little. So thinking about these helpless, blind men, he invented a ‘smart shoe’, a ninth grader. Let’s find out today about this little boy’s discovery-

This amazing shoe was discovered by Ankurit Karmakar, a resident of Karimganj, Assam. He is currently a ninth grader. Sprouted recently surprised everyone with his self-made smart shoes.

Designed to shoot, these shoes have sensor alarms. According to the shoot, the sensor used in the shoe easily detects any obstacle in front of it and at the same time, automatically sounds its alarm. Now it is clear how useful these shoes are going to be for blind people. Because if a blind person walks on the road wearing these shoes, he will get the early warning signs of danger in front of him and will be able to avoid the danger very easily.

This innovative discovery of the sprout is getting a lot of praise all around. In an interview with the media, Ankurit said that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up and thus wants to stand by the helpless people.

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