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Akshay withdrew from the advertisement of Pan Masala, will donate the full amount of the advertisement

Bollywood stars have always faced criticism. They often have to deal with these issues for the sake of advertising drugs. This time, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar faced controversy from netizens. In fact, Akshay Kumar had recently advertised Pan Masala in it,

His fans were unhappy. Because fans have a special love for him. He is in the hearts of millions of people as much as his fans respect him. This time with the importance of the actor fans, he freed himself from the brand ambassador of that advertising company. He also apologized on social media.

He advertised Bimal Elaichi. It was shown that Pan was eating spices while giving advertisement. Which Akshay Kumar’s fans could not accept. The ad went viral on social media. After that, Akshay Kumar was being criticized on social media. This is the reason why Akshay Kumar said that he would withdraw from such advertisements.

He apologized in a post on social media and wrote to his fans, ‘I am very sorry and apologize to everyone. I am impressed by your response. I have never done such an advertisement before. I promised you I will not do it in the future. He also said that he would use the remuneration he got for advertising. He further added that as long as he is legally contracted with the advertising agency, even if the advertisement is run, he will not do it again in future.

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