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Akshay Kumar is known not only in movies but also in the world of advertisements.

Akshay Kumar is a very well known actor in the Bollywood film industry. In today’s film he is known for a variety of nice and challenging characters. However, today we will talk about some of the advertisements made by Akshay Kumar which were quite popular at one time. So let’s find out about the brands that have seen Akshay Kumar in the promotion.

1. Red & White Plake

Akshay Kumar did this ad for a cigarette company. Whose name was Red and White Flake. At this time, Akshay Kumar was a new and young actor in the industry.

2. Bagpiper

Akshay Kumar has also been seen doing promotional ads for the bagpiper whiskey company. Whose video can still be viewed on the YouTube platform.

3. Thumbs up

Akshay Kumar has also advertised a very popular and famous drink Thomas Up. In this advertisement, Akshay Kumar was seen in a black dress. In which his look was also quite viral.

4. Kurkure

Akshay Kumar has also worked for the famous snacks and fast food company Kurkure. In this ad of crunchy Hera Ferry Hangama, Akshay Kumar had a very funny look. Because you can see his picture in the rapper himself.

5. Nirma

Akshay Kumar has also been seen promoting Nirma, a well-known detergent company in our country. Where she is seen in a traditional dress. Akshay Kumar was also in controversy at that time because of his AD.

. Rough & Tough Jeans

Akshay Kumar was also associated with a men’s clothing company called Rough & Tough Jeans. Where he was seen promoting Rough & Tough Company jeans.

. Rasna

In the last 90’s, rasna drink was the favorite drink of millions of children. In which no one other than Akshay Kumar was seen. At that time, Akshay Kumar was very much liked by the children in this form.

. Pepsi

Besides drinking company Thomas Up, Akshay Kumar has also advertised for Pepsi. The ad featured Akshay Kumar doing a flying kick, which became quite popular.

9. Micromax

Indian phone brand Micromax became successful and popular at one time. Akshay Kumar was also seen advertising the company at the same time.

10. Dollar Club

Akshay Kumar has also been seen in advertisements of famous clothing brand Dollar Club. Akshay Kumar was also seen saying a dialogue during his ad, which became quite popular. This dialogue of Akshay Kumar was- ‘Fit he boss!’

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