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Ajay married me leaving me a virgin, Tabbu told the reporters

Ajay Devgn is a well known Bollywood actor. Ajay’s film career has gone very well and is still going on. He has acted in many hit films and has captivated audiences and the film industry with his work. Getting to where Ajay Devgan is today is not an easy task.

Ajay has become a topic of discussion nowadays. The reason for this is that actress Tabbu has made a big comment about Ajay. Tabbu said, “I am still a virgin because of Ajay. But he left me and married Kajal. After this statement, a brawl has started in Bollywood. Let us know more about the matter.

Tabu’s name is also on the list of Bollywood’s most named actresses. He has acted in many hit films and is still doing so. Tabu has won the hearts of everyone with his performance. Tabu has acted in many films with Ajay and their pairing is quite liked by the audience. But this statement of Tabbu mentioned above was really unexpected for everyone.

After this statement of Tabbu, both Ajay and Tabbu have become quite a hot topic. Now the only question that comes to everyone’s mind is why Tabbu did not get married for Ajay? Why didn’t Ajay allow Tabbu to get married? To answer all these questions, Tabbu said- whenever a boy tried to approach him (Tabbu), Ajay Devgan would scare him and run away.

As a result, Tabbur never fell in love with any boy and she never fell in love. Tabbu further said that without Ajay Devgan, he would have fallen in love with someone or something. But because of Ajay she has never fallen in love with any boy and because of Boya she is still a virgin. But the question still lingering in everyone’s mind is why did Ajay do that? Tabbu and Ajay did not comment further on this question.

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