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Ajay Devgn gave a suitable answer to the question of whether the southern picture is eating away at the Bollywood market day by day

The cinema hall, which has been closed for two years, has suddenly come back with a bang. One big movie after another has been released for some time which has forced the audience to come back to the cinema hall. At the same time, the controversy has come to an end that people will not be able to go to the cinema due to the advent of OTT.

Many big stars are constantly giving their opinion on this issue. This time the name of Bollywood’s Singham Ajay Devgn has also been added in this episode. Ajay Devgn is in the running for his upcoming film “Runway”. They will be seen in different ways in this film.

The film is being promoted and Ajay is seen consistently promoting the film with his co-star Rakul Preet. Now it is under discussion and people are also giving their feedback. Ajay’s film Runway is a film based on 34 true events.

Ajay is playing the role of a pilot. He has not only acted in this film, he has also produced and directed this film. The film is set to release in cinemas on April 29. During the promotion of the film, Ajay was asked in an interview why Bollywood films were not made in Pan India. In this context, Ajay said, ‘Look, a film is made in Pan India only when it is made in different languages ​​across the country.

So we can’t call anyone a Pan India film if it’s not there. Pan India films should have different actors from different industries so that the audience can see the film in different places. Not only that, Ajay added, ‘We (Bollywood) did not do it. Also at the end of the day their film is playing here (in Hindi belt) because they are dubbing in Hindi.

They are not working in their own language here. So their films can be considered as Hindi films. Besides, the most debated issue with Ajay is whether Bollywood is being harmed due to the continuous success of Southern films. And is Bollywood afraid to see the performances of Southern films? Or everything is going on only on social media.

In this context, Ajay said, ‘A few days ago, something similar was said about Hollywood, but it did not happen. That being said, there is no need to question whether Bollywood will decide or not. No matter where the film is from in India, it should be considered as an Indian film.

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