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After social media, this time Sandy Sahar will also be seen on TV, she will act in this Bengali serial

Sandeep Saha is a very popular name on social media or on the phone screen Although everyone calls her Sandy Saha I know She wears under the LGBT community. She wanted to start her career in 2017 by modeling But later a live video of him went viral on Facebook

Then he started making comedy videos. Through which he has achieved a lot of success However, in this line he has both haters and followers But soon he will be seen on the TV screen along with the phone screen. Let’s not know the whole incident. Internet sensation Sandy Saha is working on the serial. In Colors Bangla, Sandy will be seen as Sritama Bhattacharya’s brother in Basantabilas Mesbari serial.

However, Sandy has been seen on the TV screen once before. She appeared as a contestant on a Hindi non-fiction reality show. At that time, he gained popularity all over the country. On the phone screen we see Sandy always laughing at everyone.

So everyone wants to know what kind of character he is doing in the serial. Sandy says her character is going to be very funny and full of mischief. There will be fun in this character that Sandy can’t do. When Sandy is asked how he feels about the first mega? He said that he is having a lot of fun but he has call time in the morning and since he is a late riser he has a little problem.

However, he said that he had a lot of fun on the set of the shooting. He also enjoys working with experienced actors. He called Kamalika his sweetheart. The protagonist of the serial Sritama Bhattacharya said that he is happy to work with Sandy. He said that viewers will get to see his funny chemistry with Sandy in this serial.

Besides, the viewers are also eager to see Sritma in the mega serial through this series. According to the report, Basant Bilas Mesbari is going to be a light and fun serial. This serial shows that human relations with human beings are not bound by blood relations. Besides, Kanchan Mallick and Kamalika Banerjee are seen in two very important roles in this series. Let’s see how much space this serial can take in people’s minds.

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