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After leaving his job in UAE, he came to the village and started a betel leaf business, earning crores of rupees annually

After doing technical studies or engineering in India, most people plan to work abroad. For this they also try to get opportunities in multinational companies. But today we are going to tell you the story of a couple who left a good job abroad and started their own business in the country. Back in India, he started the business of making Tebio products with betel leaves.

Devkumar Narayanan from Madukai village in Kerala and his wife Sarnia both studied engineering from Delhi University. He decided to go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014 with the dream of a bright future. While there, Dev started working for a large telecom company. And Saranya joined a waterproofing company as a civil engineer. They were working in the UAE, but their minds were always on India and the village home.

Devkumar said that his association was always with his country. Besides, they never wanted to work for 10 to 5 hours. That is why they made up their minds to return to India. Here they set up a startup. Through this they decided to provide employment to the youth of the area also. With this in mind, both of them finally returned to their village in 2016. Dev and Saranya came here and started a company called ‘Papla’.

They started the startup by investing Rs 5 lakh in India. Under this they used to make food bags, soap packaging etc. with betel leaves. Today the demand for their products is not only in India but also in countries like UAE and USA. At present the turnover of their company is about 16 crore rupees. They have also given jobs to seven needy women in the village to handle the work.

Saranya said that the betel nut is locally called pala. He has named his brand ‘Popla’ so that people can feel that there is a connection between it and Supari. He said that they are making 16 more types of products including bowls, spoons, plates, soap covers and ID cards from betel leaves. There is no harm to the plant in making these products. Things are made using fallen leaves from trees.

In the early days, Dev and Saranya were shipping their products to the United States, Europe and the United Arab Emirates through a third party. But after the Corona epidemic began in 2020, their business was severely affected. “After the Corona epidemic, we started capturing the local market to save our business,” Saranya said. Today our products are available in all supermarkets in North Kerala. If we only thought of exports, we might not be in the market today

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