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After dropping out of seventh grade, my father kicked me out of the house. Today, he has set up a company worth Rs

Sometimes parents get angry and abuse their children even for small mistakes. And many even throw the child out of the house. In such a situation, minors or minors have to face problems. But there are some children who have set an example of success in the face of adversity. The same thing applies with urgency.

Today this person has become the owner of a company worth around 50 crores. This person’s name is ‘Bimal Patel’, a resident of Gujarat. When Bimal dropped out in 8th grade, he was kicked out of the house. Then he started working as a laborer. But Bimal never gave up and went on with his life. Bimal Patel is currently the owner of Swarnasparsh Gems & Jewelery Limited.

Today, with his hard work, he has built a company of 50 crores. Despite facing many adversities in life, he never gave up. After evicting Bimal at that time, he moved to Mumbai. From there his new life began. According to his father, he had little experience in jewelry making from an early age. After that he started doing calculations in Mumbai and gradually started earning a lot.

Later, Bimal started his own jewelery shop in Jalgaon. Here he also hired an astrologer so that the customer can choose the right gemstone for himself. He earned lakhs of rupees on the first day of shop opening. At present, the annual turnover of his company is estimated at Rs 50 crore. At the same time, they now have 52 stores in various locations, employing more than 550 people.

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