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After Cinema Hall, this time KGF 2 set a new record on the OTT platform, selling rights for millions.

The movie ‘KGF Chapter Two’ (KGF-2) released last month has made a huge impact at the box office. He has set a new precedent by leaving everyone behind in terms of income. Three weeks after the film’s release, the box office is still crowded. In the meantime, great news has come to the fans. News is coming that Yash starrer ‘KGF-2’ is going to be released on OTT platform after box office. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film on the OTT platform.

Meanwhile, the KGF-2 photo’s proximity has brought information about the release of the film on the OTT-platform. The Yash starrer has sold well on the big platform OTT. According to the Times of India, the film has sold for Rs 320 crore. Which is a new record in the world of cinema. Although the OTT-platform developers have not yet officially announced any information on the subject. But Yash fans are very much interested to see the KGF-2 movie on OTT. According to reports, the film may be released on May 27 on the big platform OTT.

The film was released on April 14 last month. Where the film had a great impact at the box office. And on the opening day, a new precedent was set in terms of income. The film also grossed over Rs 550 crore worldwide in its first week of release. At present, the film has grossed over Rs.1000 crore worldwide. KGF-2 has become the 4th highest grossing film in the Indian film industry, grossing over Rs 1000 crore. One of the good things about the film is that it is still grossing at the box office.

Let me tell you, the first episode of KGF starring Yash came out in 2018. Where the story of the film was very much liked by the people and his performance was also very much appreciated by the fans. Then the fans were waiting for the release of KGF-2. Where KGF Chapter Two (KGF-2) has been released in different languages ​​and has made a good impression in all languages. His performance has won the hearts of the fans.

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