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After a long wait of 4 years to find the answers to these 11 questions

“Khun se likhi hui kahani hai yeh, sahi se nahi baregi… agar aaghe barhani hai to khun hi mangegi.” If you have seen KGF: Chapter 2, then this dialogue of Prakash Raj must have stuck in your mind. Yash starrer ‘KGF Chapter 2’ is currently a film that is being discussed not only in the country, but all over the world. This is the second such franchise after SS Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’, the sequel of which was eagerly awaited.

When KGF Chapter 2 starring Yash was released, it was like a storm at the box office. The film grossed Rs 926 crore worldwide in 13 days. But now everyone is waiting for KGF: Chapter Three. The post-credit scene of ‘KGF Chapter 2’ has caused controversy. Now that it is clear that KGF Chapter 3 is coming, the question in everyone’s mind is the main story of Chapter 3? What about Rocky now? And the biggest question is, is King Krishnappa Beria or Rocky alive?

Director Prasant Nil has been carrying the story of ‘Kolar Gold Field (KGF)’ in his heart and mind for the last 10 years. The film’s lead actor Yash also made it clear that the story of KGF Chapter 3 and the whole film will be stronger than KGF Chapter 2. There will be high octane action sequences. But the question arises when KGF: Chapter 1, we see the Rocky brothers at KGF being the head of the Kolar Gold Field: Chapter 2 saw his madness, impatient death, being grounded by the KGF missile strike and Rocky hitting in the middle, all the gold sinking in the sea, then ‘ KGF: What’s going to happen in Chapter 3? (What There Going To Be Kgf 3)

Remember what Rocky said?

To understand the whole thing, first you have to go to the flashback of the picture. You have to start from the beginning. We have seen King Krishnappa Beria become a Rocky. He also saw what he had in mind, what he was going to do. But how did Rocky happen? This is important to know because it will clear two things, one is what Rocky wants and the other is where Rocky will end up Dive into the flashback and remember those two scenes when Rocky promised his dead mother as a child that one day he would bring her all the gold in the world. And the second is when mother took a promise from Rocky. Said- I don’t know how you will live, what you will do, but I know you will be the richest and most powerful person in the world when you die.


This one word has been repeatedly repeated in movies.

Rocky’s idea is clear. He knows what he needs. He asserted that his mother had promised and would continue to do so at all costs. Now let’s take another flashback. Rocky has been asked questions since he was a child and every time he gives the same answer. He was even in bed after being shot in ‘KGF2’. He was asked what do you want? Black clouds rolled in Rocky’s eyes, turned into tears of jealousy, saying only one thing – the world.

What is Rocky’s goal? Where does he want to go?

All in all, Rocky must be the richest and most powerful man in the world. He must be the person in the world who has the most gold. So even after becoming the Messiah of the helpless, his only insistence in ‘KGF 2’ was not to stop gold mining.

Who is this guy who called Rocky a monster?

Now let’s move on to a little flashback quickly. There is a character in the film, who is also shown in KGF and KGF Chapter 2. Anand, the journalist of the film, spoke to one person in both the films. The guy who tells them Rocky’s story. She says she’s not a gangster, she’s a monster. The same story as how the police put Rocky in the police station, but the whole sky began to tremble when they saw his name on the diving license.

The same character who told how Rocky entered the pub alone out of 13 people to test the supplier’s gun. The same character, who comes again at the end of ‘KGF Chapter 2’. Joy goes to him and says that you are right, he is a monster. Also keep in mind that Prashant Nile did not explore this character anywhere in the two parts of the film. He did not say who. And why is he telling stories to Anand, when Anand himself was with Rocky at every moment in KGF.

Think of the man in the chair in KGF Chapter 2

Now let’s move on a little faster. I remember the scene when a CBI officer came to the office of Prime Minister Ramika Sen and told Rocky about Rocky for the first time. He said he was the biggest culprit. The biggest national problem. Ramika Sen was shocked to see KGF’s picture on which Rocky never let a private plane fly. With this scene, a 10 second scene is shown.

An American is shown sitting in a chair. In one hand he has a newspaper with the headline ‘India’s biggest Criminal’ and in the other hand the world’s most prestigious magazine ‘Time’, on the cover of which is written ‘World’s BiggestCriminal’. That is, when Ramika found out about Rocky, Rocky became the biggest monster of 16 countries in the world.

He is three years and the most wanted criminal in 16 countries – Rocky

Now think of the time when Rocky again brought the impatient K to his knees and took the KGF back to his hands. He also brought the bodies of the KGF who had been killed by the mob at the outpost. Then the excavation work of KGF started. Then the screen goes blank. We only look at 1979, 1980, 1981… this year’s statistics. The story lasts for three to four years.

Rocky has now turned KGF into an entire city and industrial area. But what happened in three or four years? Because after that Ramika Sen’s entry. After that it was known that Rocky is a criminal of 16 countries. This is going to be the most important part of the story of KGF Chapter 3.

Rocky said that in an instant

Now let’s come to the scene where Adhira gives his last shot. He entered the KGF and shot Rocky with a large shotgun. But instead of Rocky, his wife was shot. Here, before the impatient attack, Rocky is talking to his very special Qasim uncle. She told him that the work was not being done fast enough. Rocky said when will he work the old way. Bring a new technology machine, Qasim said that the machine is not available, Rocky says to bring from America. According to the picture, this is the first time America is being heard from Rocky’s mouth.

Is Rocky dead?

Now let’s come to the last scene of the film. Rocky is going to sea with all the gold of KGF on the ship. Willingly chose a place where all the gold and rocky itself is over 20,000 feet deep. Here we learn two things. First, Rocky didn’t just fax Indian officials. He also called the US and Indonesian coast guards by fax.

Rocky has been shown drowning in the sea with gold in a bomb attack on an Indian ship. But could Rocky die? Probably not, because Rocky’s character is such that where everyone’s thoughts end, Rocky’s starts. That’s why he’s not a gangster, he’s a monster.


What are the things that Ramika Sen is hiding.

Now let’s get to the post credit scene. Four big things are shown in the post credit scene after ‘KGF 2’ is over.

  • First, KGF’s file: Chapter 3 is available.
  • Second, CBI officials tell Ramika Sen that Rocky had called ships there from Indonesia and America, she doesn’t know why.
  • Third, in the midst of all this, CIA officers approached Ramika Sen and demanded Rocky’s return. Because Rocky is America’s biggest criminal. There was no mention of how he became a criminal.
  • The fourth and last thing. Ramika Sen’s facial expressions are as if she knows something she didn’t tell anyone. However, in the post-credit scenario, the Indian Air Force and the Army have been shown to attack again. Ramika Sen is seen signing the attack papers. Where the KGF city was landlocked by a missile attack. So is Ramika Sen hiding something?

Inayet Khalil will have to die to get the world.

Another thing, Inayet Khalil is still alive. If the biggest threat to Rocky’s KGF gold is from someone else’s gold business, it is Inayet Khalil. Enayet Khalil saw Rocky’s threat. But he is still the big challenge for Rocky. If Rocky has to rule the world in such a situation. If he wants to be the CEO of the whole world, not India, then he has to stop Enayet Khalil’s gold business.

This will be the main story of “KGF CHAPTER 3”.

All in all, this complete flashback and quick forward was needed just to let you know that Pacific Blue still has a lot of buzz in the KGF Chapter 3 story. For example, how did Rocky become the most wanted criminal in 16 countries? How did Inayet kill Khalil? How did he expand his empire around the world in these three or four years?

How did his mother’s promise to be the richest and most powerful person in the world come true? Who is the guy who tells journalist Anand the story of Rocky’s reign and tells him to turn from a gangster to a monster? Does Ramika Sen know that she is hiding?

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