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After 5 months, Preity Zinta shared pictures of her children on social media.

Preity Zinta, one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood, and her husband Gene Goodenough have given birth to twins last year. After 5 long years, Preeti has given birth to a son and a daughter. Actress Preity Zinta did not forget to share the good news with the fans as soon as the children arrived. Preeti and Jean named their son Jai Zinta Goodenough and their daughter Gia Zinta Goodenouh.

On social media, Preity Zinta is often seen sharing various posts about her children. But so far he has not revealed the faces of his twin children to the world and they have not had any pictures so far. But this is the first time Preity Zinta has been seen with her children and she has introduced the children to her fans. Mother’s Day has recently been celebrated all over the world on 8th May 2022. On this occasion, many Bollywood celebrities have posted on social media about their mothers. Among them was actress Preity Zinta.

For the first time, she shared a beautiful picture of her daughter and son on Instagram, along with a beautiful caption. 5 months after the birth of their twin child, this is the first time Preeti has given a picture. Although the faces of both the children of the actress are not seen in the photo shared by Preity Zinta, nonetheless, fans of the actress have filled this post with love. In the picture, he has Mao with Preity Zinta. The picture shows Preeti holding her daughter Zia in her arms and a small win in her grandmother’s lap. This post went viral as soon as it was published on social media and was highly appreciated by the fans.

Currently, he is away from the film world. She is thought to be enjoying her maternity leave with both her children and her family. Although Preity Zinta is away from the film, she is very active on social media and shares updates about her life with fans.

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