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Actor Yash is not happy even after the great success of KGF-2, he said I expected.

Recently, Kannada superstar Yash’s film KGF Chapter 2 was released. The audience has been waiting for the release of this film for almost 4 years. Viewers started booking tickets in advance before the film was released. Besides, before and after the release of the film, all the issues related to the film were being discussed on social media.

The film is at the box office 1104.63 He has earned more than crores of rupees. The Rose film is setting one record after another. Besides, the performances of Yash, Sanjay Dutt and Robina in the film have also been much liked. Especially the main Rocky character played by Yash is very much liked by the viewers. But reports say Yash is not happy with the success of KGF-2.

Let’s find out through this article why Yash is not satisfied with the success of KGF-2. Yash said that his expectations about KGF-2 were very high. But director Prashant Neel said that he is happy with the revenue of the film and that is what he expected from the film.

Yash further said that he also admitted that the film has performed very well and the audience has done as expected from this film. But the film did not earn as much as he had hoped. He said that since the film is still running in cinemas, the film will fulfill his expectations.

Let it be known that Yash was also the main character in the first part of KGF film. For the last 4 years he has been working hard behind the second part of this film. He has not signed any other film for this film. In fact, he gave his all to this film. That is why there is so much expectation from this film of Yash. If Yash’s statement can be omitted, it can be said that KGF-2 has proved to be a super-duper hit at the box office.

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