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Actor Sunny Deol has a flat worth crores of rupees.

Sunny Deol, the famous actor of 70’s, has acted in many hit movies in Bollywood. His popular dialogue ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haat’ is still popular. However, it is known that Sunny has moved far away from the world of acting. He is currently busy in the world of politics. Actor Sunny Deol has taken over as BJP MP from Gurudaspur in Punjab.

He is often the subject of social media headlines about his personal life and political life. According to recent news, Sunny Deol is in debt of crores of rupees. Despite having children from such a large family and being a celebrity, the issue of this loan is really surprising. Even Sunny and her family live in a flat worth only Rs 2.5 crore.

When he was contesting the Lok Sabha elections, Sunny presented all his assets to the Election Commission. According to details, Sunny and his wife ‘Puja’ have a debt of around Rs 53 crore. And it is known that the actor is in arrears of GST of one crore rupees. In terms of wealth, Sunny lags far behind her stepmother Hema Malini and Dharmendra.

According to the data, Sunny’s current assets amount to Rs 63 crore. Sunny has land worth around Tk 21 crore. Apart from agricultural and non-agricultural land, the actor also has flats in Mumbai. Her mother Hema Malini has more wealth than Sunny Deol. Hema presented the details of her assets in 2019. According to him, Hema Malini’s total assets are 249 crore rupees.

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