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Aamir Khan’s call for boycott of Lal Singh Chadda, actor leaked commenting on Kashmir files

Apart from the massive failure of the Bollywood industry, Bollywood stars have also become a cause of dislike for people for some special reasons. Users have reacted to some of these Bollywood movies. Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ has been the talk of social media for several days now. Various doubts have been created around his picture. Meanwhile, netizens ‘upcoming pictures on social media’Lal Singh Chaddar ‘ There has been a strong call for a boycott. The film stars Aamir Khan in the lead role and Kareena Kapoor opposite him. Protesters are using the film as a reason to boycott their old statements and actions.

In fact, Aamir’s ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ was boycotted even before it was released in theaters. Because he gave a big statement about the released film ‘The Kashmiri File’. The film ‘The Kashmiri File’ has caused panic across the country. Although the film was made on a low budget, it is currently running at over Rs 200 crore. People are still arriving at the box office to see the film. The story of the film shows the persecution of Kashmiri scholars. Many people have praised the film. However, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan made a comment about the film, where he said that the film should be seen by all Hindustanis. However, netizens claim that Aamir made such remarks to save his own picture. In other words, this statement of Amir has marked the promotional example of his own picture.

Protesters also cited more reasons behind the boycott, saying viewers were outraged by Aamir Khan’s PK picture. Where Aamir Khan made fun of Lord Shiva. And an old saying of his, where he said that pouring milk on Shiva’s head means that it is better to donate to orphans than just waste. His harsh words have intensified the boycott of the film. Netizens also cited another special reason behind the boycott, saying that Amir Khan had gone to meet the President of Turkey during the shooting of ‘Lal Singh Chadda’. Turkey is the country that has always opposed India and sided with Pakistan. Moreover, Aamir Khan made another statement a few days ago, in which he said in an interview that his wife Kiran Rao was afraid to stay in the country. Of course, for all these reasons, he had to face a lot of trolls.

Besides Aamir, Kareena Kapoor is also involved in the controversy over ‘Lal Singh Chadda’. An old quote from Kareena Kapoor, where she said that people go to see pictures of Bollywood kids themselves and then they cry for kinship again. If people hate Bollywood worms so much then they should not go see their pictures. His vulgar remarks have intensified the boycott of the film. However, Aamir’s comments in the released film ‘The Kashmiri File’ have caused him a lot of trolls.

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