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A police officer sets an example by saving the life of a pregnant monkey suffering from pain, viral video

The role of police in keeping the society crime free is undeniable. In some cases, they have been slandered by the police. Many do not like the police. However, not all police are equal or one. A policeman from Uttar Pradesh has set such an example of humanity. Due to which everyone is full of praise for this soldier.

The policeman saved the life of a mother monkey by taking out the dead baby monkey trapped in the womb of a monkey. His video is now going viral on social media and everyone is praising this policeman. The incident took place in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Fatehpur police shared a video of the incident from their official Twitter account.

The name of the police officer who saved the life of the mother monkey by removing the dead baby from the womb is ‘Vinod Kumar’. He is working as a constable in Khaga police station of Fatehpur. According to a video shared by Fatehpur police, a dead baby monkey was trapped in the womb of a monkey in Khaga, Fatehpur, causing the monkey to suffer in pain. The monkey was groaning in pain from falling into a drain.

Later, Binod Kumar, a constable at Fatehpur’s Khaga police station, showed his intelligence and courage by rescuing his dead child from the monkey’s womb, which saved the life of the mother monkey. When Vinod Kumar brings out the dead baby trapped in the monkey’s womb, he also takes full care of the monkey’s pain and he does this job with utmost care.

For Binod Kumar, the life of the mother monkey was saved and the pain came to an end. The video also shows the monkey slowly moving away from there. As soon as this video was made public on social media, everyone was praising the policeman. At the same time, people are also praying for the police member. Policeman Binod Kumar has set an example of humanity.

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