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A man from Raipur made slippers and bags from cow dung and put them on a shelf.

Dung heaps are often seen in the villages which are used as fertilizer. Some are making bricks, cement etc. from dung and giving new path to the farmers as well as playing a role in protecting the environment. Similarly, a person from Chattisgarh started a business of making various things using dung and is earning 35 lakh rupees a year.

In fact, Ritesh Agarwal, a resident of Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Who raises cattle. After completing his schooling from Raipur, Ritesh graduated in 2003 and started working for a company. Lacking interest in the job, he changed jobs a lot and finally decided to quit his job in 2015 to take up animal husbandry.

He first started work related to cowshed and cow service. At this time he started making dung products from dung. For this, Ritesh took training in Jaipur and Himachal Pradesh. After that Ritesh Agarwal started working by joining the Gothan model started by Chhattisgarh government. In it he made products like slippers, bags etc. from dung and also trained people.

The ‘Ek Pahal’ organization makes cow dung

In 2016, Ritesh set up an organization called “Ek Pahal Sangstha” to make various products using cow dung. To make slippers from dung, lime powder and some ayurvedic herbs are mixed together. About 10 slippers can be made from 1 kg of dung. Which is not wasted in 4 hours of rain wet. At the same time these slippers can be dried in the sun and used again. It also works to cool the feet.

Abir also created this organization

Apart from slippers, Abir is also made from dung in an institution called “Ek Pahar”. For this, first the dung is well dried in the sun and converted into powder. Then you have to mix dried flower leaf powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder. Many people are associated with this initiative of Ritesh Agarwal who makes many products from dung.

Ritesh trains the locals there, then hires them. In other words, Ritesh is working to connect local people with employment. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Ritesh earns Rs 36 lakh a year from this business.
In 2022, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel presented a briefcase made of dung.

The bag was made by Ritesh and his company in 10 days. According to Ritesh, excessive use of plastic items is increasingly polluting the environment. In addition, cows also eat plastic, as a result of which it gets into the stomach and can cause various diseases in cows. In such cases, the use of dung products will reduce plastic contamination and the health of the cows will be maintained.

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