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A great idea comes to mind after a car suddenly stops on the road, today a company worth Rs 100 crore has come up with that idea

If we talk about income then people are earning money in many ways. However, the current generation is showing more tendency towards smart work than hard work. Many people are always trying to do something new with their own efforts and hard work which is acceptable to people. In this report I will introduce you to three friends who are millionaires in their own efforts today. Recently, Sandeep, Tikendra and Pratik came up with a great and unique idea. Where they set up a new company and today the company’s earnings have reached more than 100 crore. Let’s find out the success story of these three friends.

How their journey started: –
Initially, these three friends were working in a private company. Where Sandeep and Tikendra worked for Samsung and Pratik for Exim. All three were very good friends. One day these three friends went on a trip together. But the problem is that they run out of fuel in the middle. Then these three friends together could not find any oil store within 10 kilometers. This problem is the beginning of their success. The three friends then discussed among themselves where the topic was online fuel service. After thinking among themselves, finally in 2015 (

However, the government has also recognized this startup. According to sources, Indian Energy Service with Indian Oil It has third party arguments. Where Indian Oil will go with fuel service. And Deliver fuel to customers. With this app, any customer can easily order online and via SMS and they will get timely service. The producers said they did a lot of research before starting work and went door-to-door to get people’s opinions. Where the opinion of many was positive. Many people think that it is important to have an online app for petrol and diesel. Then these three friends together took their decision to the final stage. And they also said that they had sent their advice to several companies like Bharat Corporation Petroleum Limited (BPCL), Indian Whale Corporation (IOC), and Petroleum Process Engineering Services Co (PESCO). Later, he was asked by Indian Oil of Faridabad in his area for their full plan. He then sent them the DRP of the whole project. And later they got approval from Indian Oil. Then they started the business in earnest. At the present time The company has a turnover of over Rs 100 crore.

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