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A 7-year-old woman was pushed on her back and taken home by a female police officer

The police are the security forces of the people in a country or a state. The police play a big role in protecting the people of the country. Today, where we are living happily ever after, there is some law behind it. And the police are working on that law. However, according to many, not all police are equal, many abuse their power. In today’s report, I will introduce you to one such police constable whose great work has given him a distinct identity. Let’s know the details?

The police are always there to protect or help the people. One such incident has come to light where the great work of a policeman has given them a distinct identity. It is known that an old woman went to worship in a temple in Gujarat. Where the policeman was seen helping the old woman. In this scorching heat, the policeman carried the old woman on his back and drove her home safely for 5 km. He is very much admired for his great work. Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi is also impressed by the humanity of the female police officer.

According to information, Moraribabu’s Ramakatha was going on at the Bhanjdada temple on one of the hills. And the 86-year-old woman went up to the temple to hear the story of Rama. The woman then lost consciousness and fell to the ground, unable to withstand the scorching heat of the sun. The information came to a female police constable ‘Barshaben Parmar’ and she walked 5 km in the scorching heat to reach the woman and give her first aid.

Not only that, this female police officer came forward for help and she reached home on foot 5 km from there on foot. The female police officer received many blessings from the old lady for this help. Even Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi has praised him. He shared two pictures on his Twitter account showing the female police officer carrying the 86-year-old woman on her back.

The Gujarat Home Minister praised the work of the female police officer and wrote in a tweet, ‘Khakir humanity’. This great work of his has won the hearts of the Home Minister. The female police officer saved the life of an old woman.

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