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80-year-old woman earns Rs 2 crore annually by opening jam factory in Himachal village

At present, women are concentrating on earning money without wasting time sitting at home. Many women are getting involved in jobs or any other profession. There are many people whose thoughts have started from small things but have gained a big place today. Besides, it has also created employment for many people. Today we will introduce you to an old lady who has transformed her business from small to big factory. Surprisingly, at the age when a person dies, this woman takes a new turn in her life. Let’s find out the details!

Recently, an 80-year-old woman named Lynette Alfrey from Bhaura village in Himachal Pradesh started making jam. Where he makes preservative-free jams. Initially, his business started small but has now grown into a large factory. Where he is making huge profits as well as creating jobs for hundreds of people. The main reason for the expansion of Linette’s business is that the jams made in his factory are very tasty and of good quality. Where he took this business with a small dream, today his business has reached 2 crore turnover.

Initiation of Linette Factory: –
According to reports, Linette married a Kashmiri man and enjoyed their married life in various cities. Then in 1992, Lynette and her husband visited a relative’s house in Himachal Pradesh, where they liked the place very much and from there they started planning to start a business. Wherever he went in Himachal Pradesh, a lot of different types of fruits were cultivated. He noticed that the fruits were often spoiled. To save these fruits from spoilage, he started a small business by learning the recipe for making jam from his mother. Today that small business has turned into a big factory.

Let me tell you, people liked the jams made by Linet from the very beginning. Because the jam shots were as delicious and under the price of so many people. Finally, in 1999, he set up a large jam factory. Where that jam factory has become the livelihood of many families. Hundreds of women are working. This Linette factory produces 48 types of jams with different types of fruits. The factory produces about 900 bottles of jam every day. And at present the annual income is about two crore rupees.

Among the jams produced in the Linette factory are strawberry jam, blackberry jam, cashmere nettle, tomato sauce, pineapple and many more. Sugar-free jam is specially produced in this factory. In other words, strawberry jam and marmalade products are sugar free. Linet’s factory produces a wide variety of jams, and the jams are so tasty that their business has grown exponentially in a short time. And jams are made with organic ingredients so they do not harm the human body.

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