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7 lakh income at a cost of only 1.5 lakh, this is how Abhishek got success by cultivating lemon in a modern way.

India is called a country of villages, so it is natural that agriculture plays a very important role in the Indian economy. In addition to traditional farming, cultivation of many types of commercial crops, cultivation of vegetables, etc. has given dimension to agriculture here. With the passage of time people are turning to farming so that they can get more profit.

In this context, a successful young farmer Abhishek Jain has drawn the line of success by cultivating lemon today.

6 lakh income at the cost of 1.5 lakh

Abhishek Jain is a resident of Vilwara district in Rajasthan. He has been cultivating organic lemons and guavas on his ancestral land in Sangramgarh village since 2006. According to Abhishek, lemon cultivation has completely changed his life. He is earning six lakh rupees a year by cultivating lemons in two and a half acres of land. It costs him about one and a half lakh rupees.
However, Abhishek Jain’s first life was full of struggles.

At first he never wanted to be a farmer. He started marble business after doing B.Com from Ajmer when his father died suddenly. Due to the sudden death of his father, his business could not run properly and he was forced to work in agriculture. Abhishek started farming and he planted lemon and guava trees on his land. At first this task was a little difficult but if he continued to do farming, his mind would get involved in farming and later he became very fond of nature.

Abhishek does not use harmful chemicals for cultivation. He uses his own natural fertilizer for cultivation. Due to organic farming, they save around Rs 2-3 lakh per year, which was earlier spent on buying fertilizer from the market. There are many benefits to organic farming. The quality of soil has also improved a lot. He cultivates lemons and guavas diligently.

Besides farming, he also makes lemon pickles. Lemon pickles were always made at Abhishek’s house. From then on, he also started the business of making pickles with the idea. Learning from family members, he also started making pickles. Gradually the ritual of inauguration began to be liked by many and became very famous among the people.

In 2016, he made pickles for business purposes and since then has sold up to 500-600 kg of pickles every year. A 900 gram bottle of their pickle costs Rs. 200 including packing and shipping and other expenses.

Lemon is also called a medicinal plant

It is beneficial in diseases. Lemon is eaten in every house. According to Abhishek, lemons have to be cultivated after the first rains of the monsoon. About 3 years after planting they start giving good results. Abhishek also employs people in this work. Workers are needed to help in agriculture as well as to pick fruits. However, his mother and wife are handling the work of making pickles.

Abhishek Jain also encouraged people to engage in organic farming. Those who do not have land or who have settled in the city are advised to cultivate on the roof. Abhishek has formed a team called “Team Semkit” with some interested farmers.

Among them are farmers, agricultural experts, PhD students. They provide information on all aspects of agriculture through WhatsApp. The great thing is that this team has trained 16 teams so far.

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