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50 huge cowsheds are being made for 50 thousand cows, CNG gas will be made from dung

As time goes by, the people of Uttar Pradesh are worrying about cattle. That is why Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has planned to deal with stray animals. A project has been taken up by the government. The project says 50,000 stray cattle will be sheltered in the next 100 days. That number could reach 100,000 in six months.

Besides, at least 50 big barns will be constructed in the state. So that the cattle can be kept in the habitat. Each district magistrate has also been given a target to ensure shelter for 10 stray cows every day. One of the next steps of the Uttar Pradesh government is to set up a biogas plant. Where dung is used, CNG gas will be produced.

In this case, the government has to work in public-private partnership and buy dung from local farmers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi once promised that he would make arrangements so that even if a cow stopped milking, farmers would be able to earn income through their dung.

It will be so beneficial that people will try to adopt helpless, misguided animals. Indramani, director of the Uttar Pradesh Animal Husbandry Department, said he would be involved in the project himself. The project will also include the Urban Development and Panchayati Raj Division.

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