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4 Fancy Hanging Restaurants, where you can enjoy cheap meals while hanging

People enjoy traveling in earthen space and earthen space. We usually travel by land, that is, by rail and road. But traveling in the empty space of this atmosphere is a different matter. Which people usually enjoy by plane or helicopter. However, today’s science and technology has improved so much that people are enjoying traveling outside of the sky. Yes, in today’s report we are going to tell you about a journey that will make you feel good. Let’s find out!

There is no shortage of tourist spots and wonders in our country. You will be surprised to know that there are amazing things in our country that people enjoy in zero air. This is the restaurant that is the hanging restaurant in India. Nowadays people are very fond of travel if it is in the sky again. There are many restaurants in our country which are very famous. Where tourists from home and abroad come and enjoy it. But it has a different feeling because in the case of a human being, it does not become an opportunity again and again.

Yes, our country Bangalore is not only famous for its weather but also for its technological advancement. In our country, there is a famous hanging restaurant in Bangalore. Which is known as “Dine in the Sky”. People who are fond of food and drink usually look for good restaurants. And enjoys good food there. If you live in the suburbs of Bangalore, you must enjoy the food of this restaurant. Although there is no shortage of restaurants in all the cities, the fun of spending time at this hanging restaurant in Bangalore is different.

The specialty of this restaurant is that it is located at a height of 120 feet. Here you will be able to enjoy food with family, friends and other members in the open space. Which will make its feeling memorable. However, the environment of this restaurant is just as expensive as the mahengi. By comparison, this restaurant will cost you between Rs 4,000 and Rs 7,000. As a rule, the restaurant is open from 4:30 am to 8 pm.

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