3Chi Delta-8 Review & Coupon for 2021

3Chi Delta-8 Review & Coupon for 2021

The world would be a better place if high-calorie foods were produced in a way that takes out the possibility of gaining weight. Well, there is one for people who like to consume cannabinoids without becoming impaired by its strong effects. 

Delta-8 THC is a newly discovered variant of THC, even though it’s branded with a lower number than Delta-9. Delta-8 THC sounds similar in name to Delta-9, and may seem similar, except for one thing: it doesn’t have the same effect and is currently available for purchase online.

Now, on to 3Chi. After the ban was lifted for cannabis-based products in the USA, 3Chi so happened to be the pioneer brand to develop Delta-8 THC products and to do so on a federally legal scale. 

But they did not stop just at D-8. CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN, THCN, 3Chi cuts through cannabinoids to serve you on any occasion you find yourself. We will explore more about why you should trust 3Chi for your CBD products. 

Is 3Chi Delta-8 Legit & Trustworthy?

In September 2019, 3Chi paved the way for the extraction of Delta-8 THC from cannabis and its introduction to the US market. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the founder of 3Chi is a biochemist with almost 2 decades of long experience in making cannabis-based products. 

3Chi’s THC products, as already established, help calm and soothes your body without any harsh effects. Every step in the production process of these products is powered by scientific research. Let’s have a further look at why we should trust 3Chi THC products.

Us-Sourced Hemps

3Chi goes for GMO-free hemp from farms that employ an organic system of growth across America. Hemp is only legal on the condition that it has less than 0.3 percent D-9 THC in dry weight. 

US farms adhere to this condition to produce concentrated hemp up to 95 percent pure. 3Chi is a brand that is determined to put out quality products, and thus they go for hemp grown in the US under healthy and legal conditions.

Extraction Method

3Chi takes as much care in acquiring their plants as they do in extracting the Delta-8 THC. They employ the CO2 extraction method that has been known to be sustainable and eco-friendly. 

The end product of this process is safe and potent Delta-8 THC without a trace of the Delta-9 THC, which means you may not experience the adverse effects. 3Chi goes an extra step by subjecting their products to an additional filtration line. 

Quality Ingredients

A meal’s outcome depends on the quality of the ingredients and the skill it took to prepare it. We’ve seen that 3Chi is not lacking in skill or even quality ingredients, but a little bit more information couldn’t hurt.

3Chi has a wide range of hemp-based cannabinoid products. All of these are made with the skill to be tasteful. 

As a case study, 3Chi’s gummy bears are made with ingredients such as sugar, fruit pectin, citric, distilled water, glucose syrup to grab the extracted THC and preserve the flavor for pleasant consumption. That’s one other thing on the list as to why 3Chi rocks. 

Tested in A Lab by A Third Party 

Consumption of unhealthy CBD products can quite frankly have serious health effects. For this reason, 3Chi is regulated, and so are its products. These products are subjected to testing by a different laboratory and certified to approve the products. 

This is done to ensure that these products are safe and ensure that they are potent enough to serve their high purpose, no pun intended.

Brand Reputation

The certificate of these third-party lab tests is obtainable on the 3Chi website. This is a level of transparency lacking with many brands. This is a strong factor if we are talking about trust. If you are a long-time user of the product, you will attest to this brand’s unmatched reliability, which is evident in the devotion of their customer service. 

3Chi has blogs dedicated to FAQs to make sure that their users are properly informed. Adherence to laws surrounding the production and consumption of products made from cannabis is obeyed to the letter, and you have their continued success in their industry as proof.

Reviews of  3Chi Delta-8 Products 

The intensity of its effects is determined from person to person and of the occasion. 3Chi has different products for different moods and occasions. Some are made of major cannabinoids, some others of minor cannabinoids. 

We will see 3Chi’s most popular products below:

Happy, calm, and motivated. These are the three things you should expect when you grab a hold of this vape—made with care with natural hemp extracts. These extracts are pure, and the carts consist of 95 percent Delta-8 and 5 percent terpenes. The extracts are obtained by the broad-spectrum method.

This comes as a liquid housed in a glass cartridge. The mouthpiece is made of ceramic to vaping experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. The same material is used for the core. While the content can remedy some health conditions, it can also feel harsh to the throat and chest for newbies.

3Chi tries to make these vapes as national as possible. This vape uses as many as 33 different strains. Variations of Indica and Sativa to give the unique hemp flavor. 

These two are cannabis-based strains, but 3Chi also uses some other plant-based terpenes. Information about using this product is also provided on the label or more exhaustively on the brand product page.

The ingredients contain no Delta-9 THC, and 0.5 – 1.0ml Delta-8 concentration in each cartridge. Terpenes derived from cannabis, ranging between 25mg – 50mg in concentration, are also used as an ingredient to boost potency. 

The 3Chi vape is a natural favorite for a lot of obvious reasons. But the flavor and aroma with which they are produced make the consumption even more flavorful. Even more, is that the scent doesn’t stick to you.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers of the 3Chi Delta-8 vape carts have admitted that it was stronger than anticipated. The effects don’t kick in immediately but give it a few moments, and you’re flying. Users have confirmed that the THC oil is high quality, and just as advertised, it doesn’t have any side effects after smoking. 

The potency of the 3Chi Delta-8 makes it possible for you to feel its effects with just a few puffs. This way, you can preserve your oil and use it for as long as possible. 

The CCELL design of the 3Chi cartridge is a joy for consumers compared to plastic tanks. This is quality in experience. High-quality oil in a high-quality cartridge, nothing could possibly match that. 

The 3Chi Delta-8 vape gives you an excellent kind of buzz. It does not induce any anxiety and or fogginess associated with regular cannabis. And if you stick to not more than 3 seconds puff, the harsh effect on the throat is considerably mild. 

Perhaps, the most crucial factor that grants satisfaction to consumers using 3Chi products is the regulation of the brand. Both THC oils and cartridges are highly unregulated and can be found on street carts. But you never know what you get with these. However, customers have no fear whatsoever in buying and using any CBD product, for that matter, produced by the 3Chi brand.

This will perhaps sound more convincing in the words of a customer who said about 3Chi D-8 carts being less harsh on the throat in comparison to many other D-8 vapes. As a fact, every puff was smooth, tasteful, and with a mild aroma. 

It was an altogether lovely going.  Another consumer was a little dramatic in describing his experience “I hit a vape… and a bag of chips just magically appeared in my hands”. Okay, maybe very dramatic, but you get the point now. 

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With 3Chi, no one is left out. Vegan and still want to get a buzz? No worries, there are the gummies for you. The Delta-8 gummies are gluten-free, vegan, sweet, and fruity gums. Chewing these gums would give you the effective hemp consumption experience, but without the hemp flavor.

Each of these gummies has got a 25mg Delta-8 THC potency. Other Cannabinoids (CBD and CBN) are also contained in these gums to boost the potency. Fun fact: you can chew 30 minutes before a meal, or preferably with your food. One or two could give you just the right amount of effects when you need it. 

Some instructions that go with the use of these gummies would include refrigerating them once opened for preservation and staying away from operating heavy machinery when on these gums. Rest assured, there will be no side effects in the use of these gummies, but they may give you a buzz nevertheless.

The 3Chi Delta-8 gummies come in packs of 8 and 16 gummy bears. The potency is 200mg for the 8 pack gummies and 400mg for the 16 pack gummies. Gums are supposed to be tasty and flavored. 

3Chi gives you raspberry, watermelon, and black flavors. These flavors, as well as the colors, are natural. Water used in the production is distilled. Glucose syrup and citric acid are used to achieve the tastiness of the gummies.

Consumer Satisfaction

Here are a few things consumers have to say about the 3Chi gummies. The effects for these gummies take approximately one or two hours to kick in. So, taking them with your meal, especially dinner, gives you a whole new appreciation for sleep, and they are not even sleeping pills.

3Chi is the leading brand for hemp-based products, and consumers trust them for many reasons. While the quality of these products speaks for itself, consumers have also praised the packaging of the products. At first glance, you can find the ingredients, potency, and instructions for use, all in a visually attractive design.

CBC and CBN are two cannabinoids that work quite well with Delta-8. 3chi employs this knowledge to blend in these CBDs to their gummies, guaranteeing optimal experience. Consumers trust that the Delta-8 they consume from 3Chi gummies are the purest they can be. This is because the brand goes an extra mile to keep their consumers informed of their processes, ingredients, and what have you.

Consumers have stated that these gummies’ effects are more subtle than that given by normal THC vapes. But the buzz does last for longer. This is for obvious reasons. They are gummies; you chew them, it mixes up with your saliva, which you then ingest. 

The effects do tend to last for several hours, so it is advisable not to consume them on an empty stomach. From one consumer to another, the 3Chi gummies make for a beautiful way to unwind at the end of the day. 

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Just in case you don’t know, Tinctures are liquid products that are consumed as droplets under the tongue. Usually, they are held under the tongue for a minute or two before getting swallowed. Tinctures are a rather bold way of ingesting Delta-8. To boost the potency of the Delta-8 THC, you can use other cannabinoids and botanical terpenes. 

3Chi uses MCT oil derived from coconut. In line with the boldness of tinctures, the flavor is hempy or earthy. So, feel free to opt-out of the vape or gummies to give you desired flavors. If you want to switch from its flavored counterparts to the tincture, then you must start slow to allow your system to adjust to the Delta-8 effects.

The potency of 3Chi’s Delta-8 tinctures varies in milligram strength, from 300mg to 400mg and 1200mg. Broad-spectrum extraction is applied in the extraction. Ingredients also include additional Vitamin E alongside the terpenes. 

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers like that the Delta-8 tinctures are made of four simple ingredients: Hemp extract, coconut MCT oil, vitamin E, and terpenes. The icing on the cake is the absence of any additives or flavor to maintain that raw and natural taste. 

The presence of other terpenes like CBD, CBN, and CBG are also an appreciated factor; an extra topping would be the absence of Delta-9 in the extracts. A high without effects, the whole idea of the 3Chi brand.

The typical experience for Delta-8 tinctures is a mild calming buzz that sets in after about 35 – 40 minutes of ingestion. The tincture comes with a 1ml dropper, enabling you to control your dosage and, in turn, your overall experience. 

With the health benefits associated with the use of the 3Chi tincture, it’s difficult not to love this product. Better sleep will always be top of the list for many consumers, thanks to the calming effect of the Delta-8. 

“In the market currently, there is no better supplier of D-8 products” Reviews like these by real people tell you a lot about the experience people have with this product. While it helps consumers get better sleep, others have said that they experienced with lively and soothing energy. This just means that you can use it in the day as well as at night.

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3Chi: Pros and Cons


  • Organic US-based hemp and ingredients
  • A wide range of products with a wide range of medical benefits.
  • It helps in managing anxiety and depression, also fosters better sleeping patterns. 
  • Reduces stress and fosters relaxation
  • Serves as a remedy for pain and aches from daily activities.
  • Top-class customer service 
  • Fast product delivery.
  • It does not contain Delta-9 THC
  • Eco-friendly extraction method
  • A wide range of products, including gluten-free and vegan gummies.
  • Products undergo third-party lab testing and certification.


  • No returns on used products.
  • Customer care cannot be contacted on the phone. 
  • Although the products are efficient, there is no guarantee of the efficacy of the products. 

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For Beginners: Buying Guide to D-8 Products 

Research the Reputation of Brand 

This is what we have mostly done in this article for 3Chi. But this is just a recommendation; if you do choose another brand to get your products, especially as a beginner, you must find out as much as you can about the brand. Be careful not to get ripped off by unreputable brands selling poor products in the guise of a cheap price. 

Determine Product That Would Best Meet Your Needs

Delta-8 Products come in three major types, as we have seen. The type you decide to consume depends on what you want. It could also depend on your diet; gummy bears are more ideal for vegans. 

Determine the Appearance of Product

A quality Delta-8 product should be clear, transparent. So, you need to determine if the product you’re purchasing is specified to have a different color. 

Decide on The Potency of Product 

Depending on your age, body weight, or tolerance, you need to know what you can handle and go for exactly that. Delta-8 products vary in potency, so purchase something with the dosage you can control with ease.

Understand What to Expect From D-8

You drink water, and you feel hydrated. If you consume any form of Delta-8 THC product, you will experience mild intoxication. This is a constant you must bear in mind before even purchasing your product. A stronger effect now depends on the level of potency or the amount you consume. 

Verify the Lab Report Certification 

3Chi as a brand publishes their test results on their website. This is one way to decipher between a reputable company and the opposite. Avoid shady brands that withhold information. Look out for third-party lab test certification for any brand you want to buy and use their products. 

Understand State Laws

While cannabis and its extracts (Delta-8 and Delta-9) are legal in the United States, some states still have strict laws and prohibitions for both hemp and CBD. Arkansas, Utah, Iowa, Alaska, Colorado, and of course, Mississippi all stand against the production of Delta-8 THC. So, tread carefully if you live in these states. 

Why Should 3Chi D-8 THC Products Be Your Choice?

It all boils down to you what brand you decide to patronize or what products you choose to consume. 3Chi, however, is an easy choice for quite a few reasons. The quality of their ingredients, processes, and last products. 

They are a reputable brand that produces arguably the best Delta-8 THC products, but they ensure to give their consumers instructions to use their products. They are a regulated brand, and their products are third-party tested. There is a plethora of reasons why 3Chi is an easy choice, but then again, it’s your choice.

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3Chi FAQs

Question: What is the appropriate battery for 3Chi’s D-8 THC Vape Carts?

Answer: 3Chi vapes don’t come with batteries, but the vaping device does require a Li-on compatible battery which you will have to purchase.

Question: D-8 Tinctures by 3Chi Consist of MCT, Why? 

Answer: MCT oils are made from plants made for the purpose of making the absorption of the CBD a little easier and overall efficacy. It has specific properties that make it a safe, fat-based, and nutritious base.

Question: I Live in a State where D-8 isn’t available. What if I Place an Order? 

Answer: The order simply gets canceled.

Question: What About Return and Refund Policies? 

Answer: A disadvantage of using the 3Chi brand is their return policy. But this is not specific to the brand. So, No, there are no refunds or returns for used products. But a refund can be achieved with an intact and unused product.

Question: Does Vape Smoke Have an Odor When Burnt? 

Answer: A wrong use of the vape could give off a nasty smell when it burns. The oil in the cartridge needs to come in contact with the coil for proper combustion. Be sure to prime the cartridge before use. 

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3Chi Delta-8 Review & Coupon for 2021