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10 Famous Bollywood Actresses Who Have Suffered From Serious Illness

Almost everyone in the country watches Hindi television shows. Viewers love to watch this show. And not only this show, the viewers also like the characters of all these shows very much. There are TV star fans across the country. Similarly, Hindi television stars work hard to entertain their fans and increase the TRP of their shows.

As a result, they often forget to look after their own health. They give up eating and drinking and just focus on work. As a result, they often succumb to serious illness. Let’s find out which television star has suffered from a serious illness.

1) Picture Mittal: The film was popularized by the series “Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiya”. But he was so lost in his work that he did not realize that a major disease like breast cancer had taken root in his body. Now she has had breast surgery. But he said his body did not recover after the surgery.

2) Surekha Sikri: Surekha Sikri was a very familiar face on television. She has acted in big shows like Balika Badhu, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Pardesh Mein He Mera Dil. He also acted in many Bollywood movies. He always lived well with his work. But suddenly one day during the shooting he fell unconscious and had to be hospitalized. From then on he started to get a little sick. Then in 2021 he died suddenly.

3) Deblina Bhattacharjee: Debelina gained popularity from the serial “Sath Nivana Sathya”. He was also part of the Bigg Boss game show. Her leg hurt in the Bigg Boss show. As a result, he was not watching much on TV. But now the condition of his feet is fine enough. So now he can be seen sharing videos and photos on social media as before.

4) Turn down: Last year there was a severe epidemic in the whole country. At that time, actress Avnit Kar was suffering from a disease like dengue. As a result, his health deteriorated. For this reason, he gave up his acting career.

5) Jigassa Singh: He gained popularity from the serial ‘Thapki Par Ki’. But suddenly one day he quit working on the serial. Asked why, he said he could not pay attention to his health because of the Rose shooting. As a result, his body was getting much worse. So he stopped working on the serial.

6) Rashmi Desai: She is a famous television actress. Rashmi has starred in a lot of serials and has been in the industry for many years. Now he is suffering from skin disease. Due to which he has to be equal to many difficulties.

6) Deepika Singh: Actress Deepika, who gained popularity by pushing the serial ‘Dia Aur Bati Hum’, is not seen in any TV show these days. In an interview, Deepika said that her body was getting worse due to her continuous shooting. So he thinks it would not be right to do his job in this situation. So nowadays he is not seen in any TV show. However, Deepika’s videos and photos are very viral on social media.

6) Nimrat Kar Aluwalia: He had been in a bad condition for a long time. For this reason, he also took a break from the serial ‘Chhoti Sardarni’. But now he has again made a great entry with the serial “Meher Ke Bad Meher Ki Betty Sheher”.

9) Neha Pendse: Actress Neha Pendse used to work in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai serial. He then said goodbye to the serial due to illness. In an interview, he said, The shooting was affecting his health.

‌10) Deepika Kakkar: In an interview, he said that he was suffering from a serious disease like thyroid. Due to which he is doing less work in the serial. But she continues to share her videos and photos every day. Seeing that, the fans appreciate it a lot. He also said that he had to go to the doctor repeatedly because of thyroid.

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